Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Benefits

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Hand massage with extra virgin olive ojl, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Benefits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Benefits


Olive oil is important in a healthy lifestyle and provides amazing health benefits with maximum performance especially when it is pure extra virgin olive oil. Although, it has been used since ancient times. Its usage has changed little in modern society. A wide range of applications is known for this, including nutritional, medical, mechanical, and lighting fields. We commonly use extra virgin olive oil in cosmetics and wellness. It is the most commonly used oil in our diet.  But it is also valuable for external use as a massage application. It’s a familiar household product, making it easy to take advantage of its benefits for your skin and muscles.https://www.eastrohelp.com/blog/amazing-benefits-of-olive-oil-massage/

Extra virgin oil,soap and towel,Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Benefits
Extra virgin oil, soap, and towel, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Benefits

History of extra virgin olive oil

The ancient Greeks used various techniques to massage athletes’ bodies for injury prevention and post-workout treatment. I used this to generate heat through friction in local body areas to relax muscles and increase blood circulation.  Increased blood pressure treats muscle pain and improves flexibility. Preventing physical damage from exercise is equally important; olive oil was a key component.

Athletes competing in wrestling and similar sports would massage their bodies beforehand. This is to increase fluidity and flexibility and avoid dangerous holds from opponents. The attack was less likely to hit its mark, and less force was applied to inflict serious injury on the skin. https://fusionwords.com/olive-oil-and-health-benefits/

Massage Effects of  Oil

The oil improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This reduces stress and depression. Massage is known to have pain-relieving effects. But when combined with deep friction massage techniques and skin application. Even greater benefits can be achieved.https://oliveknowledge.com/how-to-use-olive-oil-for-body-massage/

It increases the flexibility of the skin and leaves it moisturized and nourished. With deep friction massage, we promote local blood circulation. It prevents burns and other damage to the skin and muscles.

Hand massage with extra virgin olive ojl, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Benefits
Hand massage with extra virgin olive oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Benefits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Massage Recipe


Take the oil (30 ml); it works as a diluent oil. 18 drops of essential oil of your choice (for example, ylang-ylang, lavender, pine, juniper, rosemary, lemon, jasmine, tea tree, or sandalwood). You can add essential oils to make unique, pleasant flavors by mixing 5 drops from 3 different ones.


Pour 30 ml of olive oil into an empty bottle. Add a total of 18 drops of the essential oils of your choice (about 2%). Mix by shaking the bottle. Now, you have made your organic massage oil. Take care while using the essential oils; some of them can react differently to your skin. While exposed to the sun. It can react adversely to damage the skin. However, keep in mind that using extra-pure essential oils requires even fewer drops—less than three in total. So read the instructions for each one carefully!

You must choose extra virgin oil carefully in addition to this. Choose an oil with low acidity. Because low-quality olive oil may impart bad effects on your skin, because of their higher acidity.

Last word

You should try it too! Keep this oil in your kitchen to add it to your daily skin and massage routine.https://fusionwords.com/extra-virgin-olive-oil-benefits-for-male/

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